our vision

“To empower the future of the nation through affordable yet standardized quality education”

our Missi0n

To establish a network that imparts high quality education without discrimination. We aim to develop youth who are holistically groomed and empowered to meet the challenging world head-on. Employing the latest teaching techniques, our mission is to inculcate values, morals and ethics in our students as well as grooming them for a successful future.

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Welcome to

bascule School of learning

Keeping in view all the negative aspects and problems facing our educational system, the board of directors, who have experienced both the private and public educational systems, has decided to take an initiative in this regard. The board has decided to initiate a chain of schools in Pakistan with a purpose to introduce a centralized educational system, where quality education should be given to the masses at affordable cost. All over the world primary education is much cheaper than the higher education, whereas, in Pakistan; quality primary education is out of the reach of a common man. Considering all these factors, the BSL has decided to take some bold steps (regardless of profit or loss), to salvage the future of the country’s educational system with the purpose of promoting equal opportunities to all the factions of society and eliminate the diversity of dual standards for our future generations. May God Help Us to Save Our Future – Aameen


Years of excellence


Bascule Gold Medal

bascule was awarded the Best Performace School medal for showing excellent performance over the years and it is included in the list of 100 top performing schools of Punjab.


MECA Workshop

MECA is a student organization working on mental health of students, Basculians actively participated in the workshop and all our students were declared mentally strong and healthy (Alhamdolillah)


Teachers training

Teachers training is a regular ongoing feature of the school system. Latest and innovative teaching methodologies are regularly introduced and adopted by our eager to learn faculty.

principals message

Alhamdulillah Bascule has completed fourteen years of excellence in the education field. The school has reached these heights today because of its dedicated staff and disciplined academic atmosphere. The cooperation of students and the encouragement of the parents is commendable. May Almighty Allah shower His blessings and infinite mercies on us all to move ahead to achieve our goal for a better Pakistan Insha Allah.

Mrs Nadia Qazzaffi